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Just · a · Normal · Girl

Eating Her Way to Weight Loss

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And ate well. I am super into this dressing that I make for my salads: dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, and lemon juice. I went to the gym for 30 min and went on the elliptical. It's not as long as yesterday but hey, it's something.

I am seeing a small difference in my clothes. I really want to be at 145 (or even better if it's lower) but Feb. 1. I don't want to set too crazy of goals because I am afraid I will disappoint myself.

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God, I love this journal. I am so inspired by my past self. Where does the motivation come from? I have been struggling a lot lately as now food has become a hobby, and living in New York City feeds that (ha).

A lot has happened since two years...um...three years?..of logging into this journal. Living in the apartment that we signed our lease for. Love it there so much. Brooklyn is incredible. Teaching for four years. Still at the same school. Got engaged in Sicily last summer and am planning a wedding. Getting married next July. Just got my gown recently at Kleinfeld :). And I am wide awake on our last day of vacation in Florida (been here for two weeks). That is nowhere near everything, but it's a start.

Can I say that it feels so good to write in this journal? It is so ..therapeutic. The time just escapes me. There is always something to do or I always make something for me to do. (I think I have OCD which I should probably look into).

Feeling relaxed but also very run down lately. Definitely has to do with that I eat.

Engagement pictures are coming up (September 14) and the wedding of course and I want to feel body positive and good about myself.

Day one starts tomorrow, or well...today being that it is 12:14 a.m. Just like 6 years ago, when I laid in my twin size bed on June 1, 2010, determined that nobody could possibly stop me.
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